Working with a Web Vendor—One Thing Every Marketer Should Do to Stay on Time and Budget

Think of it like foreign travel.  Your college French/Spanish or Italian comes back to you and you can understand some of what going on. Besides you have a map, a guide-book, a list of places recommended by friends who have traveled the route before.

Just don’t relax too much.  Because I’m here to tell you this– you and your web vendor are speaking different languages.  Just like in a foreign country, things get lost in the translation—sometimes very BIG things.

Case in point:  A client recently asked me to sit-in on their web vendor meeting in hopes I could add value to the redesign that was already several weeks in the making.

Good move on their part, since the first thing I noticed was a big yikes!  The vendor’s design, would NOT work on the clients’ operating systems or browsers.

Compatibility is typically one of the first issues a vendor should tackle—but somehow it got lost in the translation.   And the client didn’t know that.  They were in a foreign country, after all.

So the take away here is simple:  You need a guide.  It doesn’t have to be an in-house staffer.  You can hire a consultant instead.  Just make sure someone on YOUR team has traveled the web redesign road before.  Make sure you have someone you trust.

Because a little adventure when you’re traveling is a good thing, but on the job, it can quickly turn in CRISIS.    And that’s a very bad thing.

Happy travels.

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