Top 99 Reasons to go to Triangle Startup Weekend – Women: Oct. 10-12.

I am a huge advocate for startups, tech and women and all of these hot topics for me collide this weekend with Triangle Startup Weekend – Women.  And before anyone rolls their eyes about a “woman-themed” event let me reassure you, this isn’t one of those 1980’s Working Girl conferences. It is a real-live, no-jive Startup Weekend where we just want to reach at least 50% women in attendance.  It’s still the same 54 hours from concept to company event.  It will still have a rapid fire pitch round and final presentations on Sunday with amazing judges and I hear a kids music performance to boot.

I got into tech by accident and startups on purpose.  If you live in the Triangle, the technology sector is a large employer in this area and, I, like many others got into it because that was where the major of opportunity was, but after 15 years for working for someone else and innovating within, I decided to take the leap.  I have started several and failed, but more importantly, I have started a couple that have excelled. I can honestly say, part of that is the support of the community that surrounds Startups.  And women know community, so that is my first reason to attend Triangle Startup Weekend: Women.


Top 99 Reasons to attend Triangle Startup Weekend – Women

Do it because/for/with…

  1. The community. Once you participate in a Startup Weekend, not only will you be connected to a league of Triangle entrepreneurs and startup enthusiasts, but you become a part of a global startup community.
  2. It’s not just a women’s event—it is an event where we have tried to market to women so we can increase awareness and inclusion—so come on guys…get your tix before they are all gone! Everyone is welcome!
  3. The networking.  This event will have not only have success stories, but supporters and connectors to almost anyone in the Triangle that can help you start a business…and beyond.
  4. You always wanted to see what it was like to have an idea turn into something.
  5. The food…we will feature local companies and chefs from the Triangle from baked goods and amazing coffee to Columbian food—all women-owned businesses.
  6. It is uncomfortable.  One of my favorite philosophies in life is: “Life begins at the edge of your comfort zone.”
  7. Startups with women executives are more likely to succeed – by 7.1%.
  8. You want to move women forward — we can’t change the gender gap in tech or startups unless we, as women, engage.
  9. A friend—TSW_Women is offering a “Buy one get half off” sale to encourage more women and so you can bring your bestie – Use code “BFF” when signing up.
  10. You want to learn a new skill. In this wild weekend, people will be hustling to get the work done and you will be able to learn something new in the process.
  11. It is on your bucket list.
  12. The playlist—there is always a collaborative playlist on Spotify from the weekend….everyone gets to add in their fav.
  13. The booze—we always have festive beverages to help with the pitch nerves 😉  and to add to the fun. Not a drinker, no problem…we have lots of non-alcoholic beverages too.
  14. The exposure. If you have never been to a startup event, this exposes you to all sorts of interesting people and incredibly valuable concepts.
  15. The costume idea—yeah, Halloween is coming up and wouldn’t it be cool if you went as a woman pioneer.
  16. The T-shirt. Startup Weekends always have rad shirts.
  17. You want to be a part of a global movement to develops and nurtures entrepreneurial communities around the globe.
  18. You can.
  19. To learn some cool apps you may not know about.
  20. You are beautiful inside and out.
  21. The free advice from some heavy hitting coaches and mentors – Check them out here:
  22. The inspiring stories from successful local entrepreneurs:
  23. To learn more about the sponsors and support them as they are supporting the cause of increasing women in business, startups and tech:
  24. Emma Watson’s un-feminist speech moved you:

  25. To help us reach our goal of 50% attendees to a Startup Weekend = women
  26. To meet guys that also support more women in startups.
  27. You love yourself.
  28. You want to hear inspiring stories from local entrepreneurs like Laura Fenn and her Walking Classroom or  Tatiana Birgisson and her amazing energy beverage company Mati, Inc.
  29. You are looking for an adventure.
  30. Mia Hamm transformed how people looked at soccer–FOREVER, think of what you can do to change the world.
  31. You are a rockstar.
  32. Change the fact that only 13% of venture-backed companies have a female co-founder.
  33. You think you can’t
  34. Kamila, A Dressmaker in Afghanistan, can start and grow a business with the Taliban so can you. AND you don’t have to do it alone.
  35. To find your cofounder.
  36. You have a great idea.
  37. You want to help someone else with their great idea.
  38. You want to change the fact that in the software sector, women-run businesses accounted for just 10 percent of all venture capital deals.
  39. You have nothing better to do this weekend.
  40. The nice weather.
  41. Ping Fu, co-founded an amazing 3D printing company right here in the Triangle and you could found something amazing too.
  42. For your mother, grandmother, sister, daughter, niece, granddaughter.
  43. For your father, grandfather, brother, son, nephew, grandson.
  44. Pretend it’s going to rain and you should stay inside creating something than being stuck inside doing nothing.
  45. Be a part of the FIRST ever Triangle Startup Weekend – Women addition.
  46. You want to be a part of the over 9.1 million women-owned businesses operating in 2014.
  47. You want to boost Raleigh forward…just ranked No. 11 best city for female entrepreneurs—be a part of pushing it to top 10 status.
  48. You want to grow the female entrepreneurial cohort in the Triangle.
  49. You aren’t afraid.
  50. Amelia Earhart didn’t just look good in an aviator outfit.
  51. You are afraid.
  52. You need to stop waiting until your idea is perfect.
  53. It is a get-stuff-done kind of event and you are strapped for time.
  54. You want to be a part of a like-minded group.
  55. You don’t know what you don’t know.
  56. You don’t want to be a part of the lonely-girls code club.
  57. The seasons change and so should you.
  58. You want to add to the other 28% of women who own businesses in the US.
  59. You want to be a part of the upward swing of capital going toward female-owned business.
  60. You are a masterful multitasker.
  61. Maya Angelou rocks!
  62. You have hope.
  63. Women control $20 trillion in annual consumer spending (U.S. dollars).
  64. We women share and collaborate like champs.
  65. “Like a girl” is a badge of honor.
  66. You can open your own door, or you can have a nice person or gentlemen open it for you too.
  67. You believe in yourself.
  68. You are part of the 26% of women working in the computer field or want to add to that number.
  69. You may be one of the women that only make $.73 to the male-earned $1.
  70. You support a community that is inclusive for both men and women.
  71. Only 4.2% of VCs investing are women.
  72. 42% of Indiegogo’s crowdfunding projects are started and run by women.
  73. Women lead in tech adoption – owning more tech devices, adopt mobile and location-based services and use the internet more than men.
  74. Your favorite color is red or blue or yellow or green or pink.
  75. You like to share.
  76. Come on guys—you should sign up too.  The speakers are going to be amazing and where in the Triangle will you meet such dynamic and amazing women.
  77. You are funny.
  78. You are serious.
  79. You want more than of the 20% of the 56% of women who leave their tech field mid-career to be self-employed or start a company.
  80. You love a discount—Try this one on: “ILoveSW” for 20% off.
  81. Women ask for almost $7,000 less than men in a salary negotiation, but when negotiating for a friend they are on target…there will be lots of friends there.
  82. Girls rule!
  83. Dudes who support women and business are far more successful in life (ok, I made that up, but don’t you agree 😉 )
  84. Going above and beyond is in our nature.
  85. Get free family passes to Marbles Kids Museum:
  86. You just got a new haircut.
  87. Diversity cuts both ways—men should sign up too.
  88. Working so hard never felt so good.
  89. Kathryn Bigelow became the first woman to receive the best director Oscar (she’s only the fourth woman in history to even be nominated). Her film that year, The Hurt Locker, was also pronounced best picture.
  90. We accept you—in your PJs late night too.
  91. There is no more glass
  92. Take the advice of Emmeline Pankhurst: “Deeds not words!” who fought for the right for women to vote.
  93. You like to wear skirts and heels.
  94. You don’t like to wear shirts and heels.
  95. Coco Chanel, who allowed women to be fashionable while at the same time wearing comfortable clothes appropriate to the setting. She was a genuine liberator.
  96. Female entrepreneurs currently account for approximately a third of all entrepreneurs worldwide, and the U.S. Census Bureau predicts that by the year 2025, the share of women entrepreneurship in that country will increase to more than 55 percent.” The Global Legal Post, April 2012.
  97. We seem to think that women are risk averse, but BBC News 21 in February 2011, “Compared with men, women were found to aspire more to running their own company than achieving higher rank within a firm.” 
  98. You have a strong, accomplished woman role model like I did in my Great Grandma, Ester Mae.
  99. You were asked to come.

Join us! Will I see you there?

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