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Working with a Web Vendor—One Thing Every Marketer Should Do to Stay on Time and Budget

Think of it like foreign travel.  Your college French/Spanish or Italian comes back to you and you can understand some of what going on. Besides you have a map, a guide-book, a list of places recommended by friends who have traveled the route before. Just don’t relax too much.  Because I’m here to tell you …

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Professional web video: Why go pro? A case study

Professional web video offers the best first virtual impression. Learn 3 reasons why you should hire a professional to produce your video.

Web Video Redo–How I did it in less than 4 days?

I decided on an upgrade. I re-did my web intro video in less than 4 days with an incredible crew. Nothing evokes confidence in you and your company than high quality video that tells your story in less than 2 minutes. Learn how to create and promote web video to elevate your business.