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3 Top 2013 Trends to Watch for in the Future

What the future holds? 3 Predictions for Marketing Trends in the New Year…

Micro Marketing: The Era of Relevance has arrived.

How micro marketing has changed the game and forces us to be hyper relevant in a very crowded marketplace?

Digital Loyalty and Affiliate Marketing Combined? A win-win combo

Digital Fan key to digital loyalty

How to set up a digital loyalty and affiliate marketing program to grow your social media contact lists, generate leads and WOM marketing.

Web, Video & Social: TechwiseTV Energy Efficiency in the Data Center Social Media Plan

Wondering how to launch your new social media presence with a splash? Try an online video series with established techno-geeks and offer sneak peaks for tier 2-3 bloggers for some extra online publicity! » Situation: Cisco was entering in the Data Center market with no previous experience, limited budget and long-time partnerships that were soon-to-be …

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Web, Video & Social: Cisco Interaction Network

Harness the power of web, video and social to engage and nurture customers and prospects. » Situation: New online technology TV program with no consistent social or online brand, limited SEO functionality and no sustainability plan to feed content or interactivity. » Action: Create a website optimized for search engines, (for online video that’s no …

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