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Marketing is Moving from Second Class to First

Anyone that has worked in marketing within at least the last 20 years knows what I am talking about…Usually sales and product/engineering rule the roost. Marketing as a function has been treated as the “necessary evil,” and since it is seen as a cost center, often, it is perceived as a second class function. These …

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Why Visual Content Matters –

“What we see depends mainly on what we look for.” ― John Lubbock

3 Facts You Need to Know for Your Next Website Makeover

And you will be doing one— As a growing number of customers find you on mobile devices, you will need to update the look, feel, and NAVIGATION of your site, (like yesterday in fact). Since I just spent a YEAR riding herd on the makeover of an innovative website that gets millions of hits a …

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3 Top 2013 Trends to Watch for in the Future

What the future holds? 3 Predictions for Marketing Trends in the New Year…

3 Keys to Managing Online Reviews

Not another communication, engagement channel…Online Reviews. This one may need to move up in your priority list. Find how why and 3 keys to manage online reviews.

Email, Social Media Integration Surprise: Rite Aid Engages

Here is a great example of email and social media integration for demand generation. Rite Aid excels and engages. Find out how they did it.