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What people are saying…


“Melissa is a fireball of creativity and execution. In the year and half that I’ve worked with her she’s shown great persistence and resilience in working through road blocks in order to promote her programs, and has influenced leaders to change their way of thinking. I would recommend her for any role where her creativity, positive energy and “get it done” attitude can be leveraged to move your organization forward.”  Heather Yurko, Cultural Architect, Cisco



“I don’t think it is ever easy to drive ‘real’ use of social media in an environment where everyone can be at drastically different stages of knowledge. Your ability to stay focused on your vision with a passion that just plows through obstacles has been exactly what our team needed. Are we done yet? No. Of course not Probably never will be. But I really feel strongly that the fruits of your labor are starting to bear witness to the talent you bring our team. Thank you!” Robb Boyd, Managing Editor, Cisco Interaction Network, TechWiseTV

“Box? Throw it away. Tried and true? Been there, done that. If status quo isn’t getting the job done, and you need a completely different perspective, Melissa is your person. I’ve seen firsthand how Melissa took a relatively mundane software platform and morph it into an ecosystem encompassing over 1000 resellers. She did it not by gorging on budget or hiring headcount — she did so by using her creative vision, contagious enthusiasm, and eye for the goal to motivate her vendors and three internal departments. Very impressive stuff indeed!” Hideo Esaka, Senior Manager, Cisco Interaction Network, Cisco Systems

“Melissa brings the highest standards of quality to everything she does. She’s a determined, detail-oriented problem solver and leader. She is able to keep her cool in arduous conditions, always providing the best in customer service and documented results. Whatever it is, give her a chance and she’ll do it better than it’s been done before.” Heather Ryan, Concessions Director, One Reel

“Melissa uses a collaborative style that incorporates input and successfully employs the latest marketing strategies and technologies to meet objectives. She completes marketing initiatives that resonate with customers and prospects and accelerate sales cycles. It is great working on a team with Melissa. She brings a fresh perspective to the table and keeps the interests of the company and customers in focus. Her invaluable marketing insight, strong product knowledge and solid business acumen serve her well as a marketing professional and make her a valuable asset to any team.” Rebecca Kauffman, Marketing Consultant

“Melissa was a Godsend to me during my tenure at NC State University. She came to manage the outreach effort to produce the necessary votes to pass the $3.1 billion bond effort for higher education in North Carolina. It was an enormous task to say the least and we had about a nine month window to the time of the vote. Melissa was visionary yet organized, energetic and diplomatic, creative and detail oriented. Working with the entire university system, she prepared a pr plan to reach every county and every voter. The plan succeeded and I still keep her excellent summary report of that effort as a model of superlative public affairs planning and execution. I still miss working with her, she is brilliant and talented.”Lisbeth Pettengill, Vice President at Greater Baltimore Committee