Scalable Marketing – Web Content Syndication

How do you scale marketing across thousands of channel resellers? How do you transform their websites into a whole new content distribution network?

» Situation:

Cisco needed a way to scale its marketing, generate more leads and loyalty from its partner reseller network. It needed to find a way to reduce time and cost of updating partner web content while leveraging compelling content and maintaining brand integrity.

» Action:

Create a web content syndication program that could be implemented with a few lines of code embedded in partner websites to feed fresh, branded content to scale marketing.

[slideshare id=8644694&doc=sharevueoverview-110720091356-phpapp02]

» Result:

SharedVue, web content syndication, was one of Cisco’s first social media/web marketing offering for channel partners, with more than 1,000 US and Canadian partners participated within the first year with millions of visits by prospects and customers with full trackability for each partner and an aggregate for Cisco to best understand effective content and lead pipelines.