Scalable Marketing – Marketing Services Organization

How do you create marketing programs for your channel reseller partners that scale your vendor staff? Is it possible to build a process to offer customization for each partner to generate leads with less work for you and your partner? Yes, take the Amazon approach.

» Situation:

Channel marketing support budgets were shrinking and Cisco was forced to figure out a more efficient and effective way to offer lead-generating campaigns for its more than 3,000 partners in US and Canada.  Traditionally, there was one channel marketing manager for 10 partners and very limited joint marketing funds.

» Action:

What if we offered a marketing service organization that operationalized the successful marketing services of the few channel marketing managers to scale across the whole channel partner network. This included a repeatable, project management process with a online marketplace storefront where partners could log in, select campaigns–be that direct mail, telemarketing webinars, email or even website services–that could be customized by geography, partner and product to generate leads.  Add the mass buying power of Cisco and its partners and you have affordable marketing that scales.

See how Cisco’s Marketing Service Organization was set up.

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» Result:

It transformed marketing programs into consistent, repeatable co-marketing services for channel partners, resulting in more than $200M in pipeline, 20,000 leads, and 5,500 unique activities with more than 3,000 US partners in two years with 50% less staff.