Internal Marketing — Cisco Inspiration Project

So your sales force is busy, right? You have more than a dozen new products coming out at the same time…how do you introduce them in the most efficient way?  Consider podcasts for them to subscribe and listen while they drive to their next customer visit.

» Situation:

Most sales people are in transit–always going to their next appointment and not in front of their computer screens. Cisco needed a way to break-thru the clutter of email and powerpoints and inspire its salesforce to sell new products.   How can you optimize the time they have in transit–plane, train or automobile?  How do you communicate and motivate a group who is always on the road so they can pitch their customers on the new offerings?

» Action:

How about audio podcasts–cheap, mobile and inspiring. I created a fun, audio podcast series to capture the Cisco’s commercial sales team’s attention, plus optimize their time in route.

Here are a few of my favorites–less than 5 minutes, audio in which they can subscribe for their iPod, iPhone or other mobile device, so they can sync, travel and take away key points to the latest in products and marketing for their customers.

» Result:

More than 50% of the sales reps subscribed to the Cisco Inspiration Project feed via iTunes.  Reduced training time from 1 hour to 5 minutes, plus optimized travel time through learning.  Sales representatives satisfaction was at an all-time high with average podcast rating of 4 to 5 stars. Plus, each podcast cost less than $250 per production–saving thousands in training costs.