Email Marketing–Cisco Loyalty E-newsletter

Loyalty is about relationships and keeping in touch with your customers with information relevant to them is the best way to nurture your relationships. This is NOT “Yo Mama’s” e-newsletter…

» Situation:

There was not shortage of Cisco newsletters for customers, actually more than a dozen in the US alone. Cisco wanted a way to simplify customer communications as well as to nurture customer relationships with its account managers and build loyalty long-term.

» Action:

A newsletter is not always the answer, but one that is customizable for account managers to send to a segmented customer list directly from them was a winner.  We created multiple versions of a monthly technical e-newsletters and segmented customer list based on customer purchases and role.  We create a content management system that account managers could easily drag and drop content based on customer segment and interests.  We also sent the newsletter automatically on behalf of the sales representative, to free his/her time to be with customers. Integrated social media and video made this newsletter a hit with sales and customers.

Check out the plan to set up this process that delivered a customized, relevant e-newsletter from account manager to customer.

[slideshare id=8837896&doc=amsignedcustomernewsletterpublic-110812111108-phpapp01]

» Result:

Account managers loved it–rated it one of the top marketing-enabling program of the year.  Customers loved the relevant information with a whopping 50% open rate, consistently.  Cisco benefited by leveraging already created content to reach more customers and build long-term customer loyalty. Plus the content management system aggregated and rated popular content to inform new content creation ongoing.  Account manager relationships started to transform from transactional to credible long-term business advisor.