New Series: Marketing Problem and Solution: Online RSVP Management

Marketing Problem & Solution Series – Quick, practical answers to your everyday marketing problem.

So here is a new content series I am introducing.  Short, simple problem and solution posts to help answer your latest marketing questions.  These are issues that my real-live-no-jive clients face and I offer simple, actionable solutions to the problems they face day to day.

Here is the first one: How to manage online RSVPs for an event without blowing your budget?

So there are tons of solutions out there, but my client need a quick, painless way to gather RSVP responses for an event.

They had done lots of research and were going to settle on Cvent…but when I looked at the price tag and added in the assessment that really they just needed an easy way to collect and export RSVPs…that didn’t seem like the most logical solution.

But they already subscribed and used Constant Contact for their email service…so I investigated its solution.  Their event management solution is somewhat new…many features in beta(which sometimes can be a hassle in itself.  But for managing simple online RSVPs…and with less than $20 a month.  What could it hurt…right?

Constant Contact Event Management

Not a bad way to track your Online RSVPs

Pros–it is easy to use.  They have a WISWIG and lots of template to choose from.  Doing your own custom design is very limited, which I found out later…but that was ok.  It was a simple solution with an easy landing page with Google Maps built in.

Cons–customizing the landing page was a bit limited.  And the service didn’t offer a way to take “no” RSVPs or “regrets'” as we say in the south.  That confused the user a bit.  We received quite a bit of manual emails because people wanted to respond and send their regrets.

But other than that…not a bad solution for the price tag. Create specific landing pages with a unique URL was a synch. Exporting to a .CSV file made name tags pretty easy too.  Overall, I was please.

I would suggest to Constant Contact to make it easier to customize the landing page and to offer the “regrets” feature, but for the price…can’t beat it.

Problem–online RSVP management. Solution: Constant Contact Event Management Module. Good stuff.


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