Browse some of my proven results in my  innovative marketing portfolio.  It all starts with a problem and ends with a solution.

Channel Marketing

 Where scalable is the ultimate keyword–more with less.

Web Content Syndication: Learn how you can maximize your return on limited resources.  Check out a program I developed for Fortune 100 company to best leverage its channel reseller network and dominate the web with just a few lines of code.

Marketing Services Organization:  See how to “wash and repeat” all the marketing program development and scale to more than 3,000 channel reseller partners. Check out how to set up a framework and organization to create a repeatable and affordable marketing services organization.

Web, Video, Social

The new world of web has changed marketing forever.  

Cisco Interaction Network: See how to mix video, web and social media marketing to generate leads and nurture prospects to help close the deal.

TechwiseTV “Energy Efficiency in the Data Center” Episode Social Media Plan: See how online publicity and a sneak preview plan helped catapult viewership, fans and more.

Internal Marketing

Internal change management has the same attributes as marketing–just focused on the inside.

Cisco Talent Connection Organization Adoption: Learn how to break through the clutter, get employees to stop, learn and take action.  Brave and bold but effective!

Cisco Inspiration Project: Learn how to transform boring new product sales pitches and training into “edutainment” to a sales team that is always on the road through sports-themed podcast series.

Email Marketing

Email marketing generates leads, no doubt.  But a crowded inbox can be your enemy unless you customize and personalize.

Cisco Loyalty E-newsletter: Learn how segmenting lists, creating a content library and empowering your sales team to customize customer newsletters scales and sells.

Integrated Marketing

Integration is key to marketing–multi-channel is the only way to go!

NC State Achieve! Marketing Plan: Learn how a simple, flexible brand helps disparate university fundraising efforts combine for  successful first ever BILLION dollar campaign.