Your B2B Social Profile – Are You Trustworthy Enough?

For sales teams, online platforms have proven an affordable and effective tactic to get the word out about your product, gain market trust and build relationships with your clients all at lightning speed.  Nowadays, social interaction and amplification has progressively become more important to the sales process.  Given that these platforms offer the ability to deploy or promote content to both prospects and current customers the possibilities are ever expansive.

But what happens when your customer or prospect doesn’t know you?  What happens when they Google your name?  Do you know what they see?  Are you easy to find, can you even be found at all?

We challenge you to go ahead and Google yourself…


Any funny surprises?

If so, guess what you are not alone!  And your secret is safe with us!

The key is to build a successful social footprint that will work for you not against you.   If your customers are checking you out on Google and the first result they get is a person with the same name and an extensive law-breaking background you will automatically have to work to regain trust.  For something you didn’t even do!

Social media has changed the landscape and puts buyers in charge not sellers, not marketers, not you.  As explained in last week’s post, The Knowledgeable B2B Buyer,  your customers have a tendency to be overly skeptical and have become super researchers.

If all this transparency scares you, take a deep breath and follow these simple steps to get you in the game.

Six steps to building a trustworthy online profile:

  1. If you didn’t earlier, Google your name and ask yourself, can I be found easily?
  2. Update your social profiles with current information!!!  THIS cannot be stressed enough, what is the point of knowingly giving out misinformation.  There is none.  Stop being lazy and just do it, your pocket will thank you later. $$
  3. Google your customers names, do they share the same platforms as you do?  Asses their social activities.  Are you where they are?
  4. Figure your short and long-term goals.  BE REALISTIC.  Make sure you take into account building a solid social B2B profile will take time.  Just like a flower they do not grow over night and the more finesse they receive the prettier they look when coming to bloom. Consider this handy 10 minutes a day to social media success guide.
  5. Once you see where you need to be and have an idea where clients might get the most information about you–position yourself to be found them.
  6. This is our favorite step, stage and engage
    1. {STAGE} Include the links to your website and social media platforms in your email signature.
    2. {STAGE} Include links to your website on your social media accounts and vice versa.
    3. {STAGE} Wherever people are interacting with your organization, let them know they can interact with it elsewhere. Your customers will be pleased you have enough consideration to engage them on their preferred platform.
    4. {Engage} Talking at people is NO LONGER effective. Customers listen to their networks; they trust their friends, families and business partners. Therefore, getting networks talking about you and your brand is priceless-give them something to share.
    5. {ENGAGE} Talk to customers when and where they want–try to carve out 5 minutes a day to reach out, we all know you are busy, but so is everybody else.  If you don’t make time for them, news flash, your competitor will.
    6. {ENGAGE} Don’t reinvent the wheel to give information.  Leverage your organization’s marketing department use white papers, eBooks, press releases and the like to educate your B2B customer.  Make them work less the more info you give the less they have to dig for it.  Here is a great article from SEO watch that outlines 5 cleaver ways to leverage your PR for social success.

It is clearly a smart business decision to engage in social selling, or what I like to call social solving. Follow these steps and start building that engaging brand of YOU.


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