Web Video Redo–How I did it in less than 4 days?

I decided on an upgrade.  I re-did my web intro video in less than 4 days with an incredible crew. Nothing evokes confidence in you and your company than high quality video that tells your story in less than 2 minutes. It is your first semi-face-to-face introduction.

[youtube xNByugcF8TQ 560 349]

Here is how I did it:

1)Hired an awesome crew.  My pal and rockstar video production master, Frank Smith managed the production.  From lights, to set up, to filming and direction, to editing and more. I would recommend Franklin Video to anyone looking for a reasonable price, that makes you look like a million bucks.

2)Writing and producing makes the end result shine.  I hired my pal and long-time TV producer, Christine Ramsey, to help write the script and serve as lead producer at the shoot.  Creative and concise, calming and professional, a veteran video writer and produce makes the shoot smooth and fun.

3)Prepare yourself for the jitters and embrace it.  I didn’t sleep well the night before the shoot.  That’s normal.  I was a bit nervous going head to head in front of the camera. That’s normal.  But the professionals made it all work.  Channel your yoga breathing and you will be fine.

4)Promote your asset–a new web video.  That’s my next move, and where I add value to this process.

  • Share with your friends and colleagues (be that via Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn or old school email.)
  • Find relevant discussions be that blogs of interest, linkedin discussions, other online communities of interest.
  • Place it prominently on your site.  Let it shine.  Show it off.  It is you and the first impression you will make to new prospers and clients.
  • Tag it well…on Youtube and your site to help with SEO results and get more traffic and views.


Web Video is a great investment.

That’s how I did in less than 4 days…but that is just the beginning. I plant to get a lot of miles out of this investment. You would be surprised at the cost…video production back in the day started at $10k just to have a conversation about a shoot.  Now a days, technology has really cut the time and cost of production. Consider a web video to elevate your website and your business.

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