Want to save hours by taming your inbox? Unroll.me Tool Tip

cc_online_media_email_211013_16x9_1600My inbox was bringing me down. I had tried many solutions, e.g. a junk email address, inbox rules, unsubscribing…old fashion ignoring…nothing seemed to work systematically. Sometimes I want to see some of my favorite brands’ emails, sales, special offers, information, but email was getting out of hand. (BTW – email is not dead. Frankly, most people B2C and B2B still use email to do daily transitions.)


I credit my rockstar assistant Angela for finding this jewel – Unroll.me. You sign up with your email address and then decide to unsubscribe all unwanted email lists at once or add all your emails into a daily roll-up. Genius! I had 143 subscriptions for just one email addy.


Now I can quickly review the daily roll up and see if there is anything I might miss, otherwise I don’t have to delete, flag or file. It is done automatically. It takes less than 10 minutes to set up and saves hours of time and attention, which we all could use more of.


Give it try, and tame that inbox without even breaking a sweat.


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