Want to Engage Your Audience? Look To General Electric for Some Tips.

resize_GE logoApprovedI don’t normally rave about brands for the most part but this is worth the mention.  General Electric (GE) exemplifies what it means to be social.  All it takes is one quick Google search to see.

Not only is their stock up but you will see highlights of their social media efforts from Forbes, Entrepreneur Mag, McKinsey and Ad Week just to name a few.

GE has always positioned itself as an innovative company and this campaign delivers.

A couple of weeks ago for fun’s sake I decided to take part in GE’s version of “spring break.”


It was a clever idea to have people engage with the brand by pushing their super materials to the limit. By means of smashing, crushing or blasting they headed to the internet and asked whoever was listening to Tweet a request using the hashtag #SpringBreakIt.

Take a look.

It gets better!  GE was then sending out videos of the request.

Can you guess what I chose?


Awesome CRUSHING power!!

I would have been happy with that engagement alone, but GE decided to take it a step further. I got a reply asking for a DM (direct message).  I was very interested.  Once I replied with the DM GE thanked me for participating, asked for my address and let me know they would be sending me a gift.  Ohhhh.  I wonder what it will be?!?

Moral of the story is this – Engage your audience, exceed their expectations and don’t be afraid of innovation. Why?  Time spent making them feel special will pay dividends and your innovation will cut through the clutter.  Next time I am looking to buying an appliance; I will have this fantastic memory of how GE “made me feel.”  How do I feel? AWESOME!

When was the last time a company made you feel awesome?


    • Karl Sakas on July 4, 2014 at 1:38 pm
    • Reply

    I’m curious — what did GE send you as the special gift?

    1. It was a #springbreakit fun pack with a beach towel and frisbee. Really cool! Thanks for asking Karl!

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