Three Reasons Your Business or Non-Profit Needs an ACTIVE Blog


So I’m rushing to get out of the house for a trip to the other side of the world (literally), and it’s not the packing, the pets, the house sitter, bills or business I’m fretting over most—it’s finding time to write this blog post.

Because there’s never enough time.


So if you wait for a FREE moment to update your blog, it will age as badly as holiday leftovers in the back of the frig.  And you’ll miss big opportunities, since blogs do 3 very important things to advance your cause:

  1. Get your name and service out there. Having blog that’s updated on a regular basis creates content that is fresh and keyword-rich. Search engines like Google look for this (at the expense of sites that sit unchanged for months). As a result, you’ll rank higher in searches and site traffic. A very good thing…
  2. Build a body of work about your business or service that is not only searchable but also meaningful. In short, blog posts add up. In time you will have a wealth of topics, key words, and links that will attract people who are looking for answers. Not only will this generate site traffic, but some of these people will also become followers, share your content, make comments, and develop a loyalty–actually giving you some brain space (powerful stuff), which leads me to my last reason for an active blog.
  3. Blogs create relationships. They show your authority,highlight your expertise, give you a personality and showcase your accomplishments. Readers get to know you and what you can do. Better yet, through the interactive nature of blogs, you’ll come to understand more about your readers (let’s call them potential clients or customers) and how your mission is playing to a wider audience. 

Convinced yet? It’s a rich topic and I could go on, but I’ve got a plane to catch.

So what does blogging do for you? And how do you find the time?

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