The King and Queen of Marketing – Audience & Content Rule!

What most people enjoy doing in marketing is the sexy stuff.  You know the photo or video shoots, the graphics on a new print piece or ad, or the trade show booth and “giveaways.” But none of that matters without establishing your king and queen of any marketing plan…

First – the King – your audience.  This should rule any decision you make to communicate.  Who are your customers or prospects? How do they communicate? Demographics, psychographics, social graphics….Are they the masses or some niche market? Who influences them?

Before you put together a budget, contact your marketing firm or start your social media contest on Facebook, take a step back and really profile your audience.

  • Define who.
  • Define what.
  • Define where.
  • Define how.

Create some profiles of a typical customer. Name them. Create personas or personalities. It will make your dollar go further and your campaign more effective.

Second – the Queen – your content. Now you know who you are trying to reach.  Next step is to define a content strategy.  Remember, it is not what you want to tell them, but what they need and want to hear.

  • Define your audience needs.
  • Define your benefits.
  • Define how you will communicate–tools, cadence, messaging.
  • Define a sustainable plan. Step by step how you will attract and keep your audience by providing value.

NOTE–there are millions if not billions of messages an audience encounters daily.  While social media has made it easier for people to communicate, it has also cluttered the marketplace with useless information.  Your content will define you and your brand. It will be your single source of credibility and the crown jewel of your marketing success. 

Here is an example I used when defining a content strategy for an internal marketing campaign.  This isn’t scientific, just practical.  It really helped me to communicate the need for unique, audience-driven messaging, by simply showing all the tasks, information and priorities an employee encountered daily.  You know how it is….when you are in the “throes” of your program or product, you forget that your audience isn’t concentrating on your project 40+ hours a week like you are….take a step back to realize the obstacles ahead.

3 Quick Takeaways for 2014:

  1. Content 3 years later is still a means to an end.  Content marketing adds value and creates opportunity.  Relevance is KING!  Developing and maintaining relevance is the strategy and ultimately the goal, content is merely the tool that will get you there.
  2. Content is great for remarketing to your prospects.  Remarketing and retargeting is an effective tool but is super creepy.  When a prospect is not ready to buy an ad seems intrusive but on the other hand an article could rather be viewed as helpful.  Utilizing your latest white paper, e-book or video is a great way for keeping your prospect engaged.
  3. Content is still an unavoidable marketing metric.  Buyers are the most informed they have ever been and the information they read has an impact on what they think, what they do.  Most importantly for a brand – what they buy.

So there are my updates.  Are you publishing content?  What are some your strategies for this year?

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