Profile Pictures That Will Make You Laugh & Lose Business

You have 2.5 seconds to make a first impression online. That’s the time a Formula 1 car’s pit crew aims for a stop.

The last couple posts have been informative, but a little wordy.  Lets have some fun for a change and go through some profile pictures that will make your customers run away.  FAST.  

  • Be self aware…check your teeth, hair, background images and yes shadows.  While the professional pictured below might be fresh and clean his shadow looks like, well…


  • First impressions matter. Don’t give your customers a reason to think you are weird.  It is hard enough to build trust.  While it might have been hilarious when your colleague took that picture of you lovin’ up the machine at that trade show, your customers want to see you.  Let them see you -show a warm and inviting smile and send them that picture after they’ve known you a while, don’t let it be a first impression.

  • Wow.  Just wow.  Alcohol is a fantastic ice breaker, but your profile picture defines you professionally and being defined as a professional margarita/cerveza  chugger or a wild lush is probably not what you want to go for…unless you are a sales rep for Jose Cuervo.

  • Have your picture align with what you do.  If you are saving people “truckloads” on their taxes, creating an anonymous persona will probably send a mixed message.  Same goes for anything else in your picture next to you.  Leave spouses and pets out unless of course you happen to work with your sweetheart or train dogs for a living.

Next week: We talk acronyms and the world of online alphabet soup.

PS: For those whose pictures served as examples for our key takeaways on photos and professional online reputation, we were just having a little fun.  No bad will is intended and we worked hard to help you stay anonymous.


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