Online Video Marketing: Top 10 Secrets Revealed – @magnetvideo @atlanticbt Internet Marketing Meet Up

Online Video Marketing: Top 10 Secrets Revealed was the topic at the most recent Internet Marketing Meetup Sponsored by Atlantic BT and Martin Smith aka @scenttrail.  Guest speaker David Rose, COO of Magnet Video shared insights on online video, in particular marketing or lead generation video.

Watch for my top 3 takeaways from the event:

Here is David’s slides for all to see on online video marketing secrets.  He makes some real distinctions between the traditional idea of video (cameras, lights, director, on-air talent, etc) versus succinct marketing or lead generation videos that have: key message, value proposition and call to action for the audience versus a brand or testimonial piece.

The presentation  also used some new vocabulary that if you haven’t been a part of the video world before you may not know.  So I thought I would give a shot at explaining so we all sound smart at the next networking cocktail party on video or online video marketing.

Production – sometimes called video production or a more generic term videography, but basically it is the overall term for a video shoot, i.e. lights, camera, action…with director, producer and all.

Motion Graphics – this is using animation of stock photos, video footage or graphics combined with audio to create video

Video Encoding – this is the process of combining, compressing and formatting a video to play on any platform, for example via web browser vs iPhone or Android phone. WOW -There are something like 8 different formats that videos must be encoded to ensure it will play on any device, any where.

HTML5 – Basically next generation of web coding language, but why it is important is whether your video plays or not on certain websites or mobile devices.

Here is the host, Marty Smith’s perspective on the presentation…great write up on the event!

Disclaimer: Since social is all about authenticity and transparency, I must admit I work with the peeps at Magnet Video and offer their solution to my clients.  I really think they have an effective, affordable turn-key online video solution for marketing and demand generation.

What are your online video marketing secrets?


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