Networking Online – Connecting On and Offline: 3 Success Snippets

Networking online: When online and offline connect!

Networking online really works. I felt like a Wonder Twin this week. Wonder Twin Powers: Activate! It is outstanding when I finally meet face-to-face an online connection. There are lots of skeptics and many people fear online networking, but I have 3 experiences this week to prove its reward!  It is the coolest social media experience.

Here are 3 On/Offline examples I encountered this week–met the coolest people, learned so much!

Christina Motely, @christinamotley

  • Internet Summit and Tech Journal South Deck Party on Monday.  I met @christinamotley via twitter, we hung out in some of the same online Linkedin groups and started following each other.  I went to the Tech Journal South Deck Party before the #ISUM11 and we connected.  WOW…she is such a great, energetic marketing savvy person.  A great connection indeed from networking online.

  • Anthony Zeoli, @tonyzeoli

    While networking at Triangle Entrepreneurs week, I ran into a mutual contact and then was looking for a developer and found a potential contact Anthony Zeoli (@tonyzeoli) in Chapel Hill via LinkedIn.  I requested a connection and showed interest in potentially needing to partner.  We immediately skyped that day and he is a outstanding…Wordpress guru, accomplished digital strategist and IA/user design master.  He even introduced me to hashable, a great app to use at networking events sharing business cards via @ twitter message. ANother success snippet of networking online.

  • Janet Kennedy, @jkennedy93

    At the Connected Women of NC, #CWNC events today, I made another live connection with a Linkedin and twitter connection Janet Kennedy (@jkennedy93), with the same namesake and a common digital marketing affinity, we had lots to talk about. She shared a great story about Scottish vs Irish Kennedys…and made sure I knew about the Merry Mingle, coming up Dec. 2 that benefits Interfaith Food Shuttle and is in partnership with several associations. Woot Woot…yet another great story for networking online.



    So if there are skeptics out there…check out the three snippet stories.  When online and offline meet, both networking and or in business…it is the most amazing experience.

    I challenge everyone, to try to connect with online contacts, live.  You build solid relationships and gather tons of insight and rich advice.

    How about you? Any good success stories when virtual connections become reality meet & greets? Share your stories.



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Melissa Kennedy

I am an innovative, practical problem-solver with an MBA. Pioneered one of the first social media strategic plans for a Fortune 100 company, including monthly online TV program viewed by 120,000 customers. Created a scalable channel marketing service model and established a new customer communication channel through partner web syndication. Developed marketing plan for start-up technology firm. Launched first comprehensive marketing campaign for major science and technology university's $1 Billion fund-raising effort. Award-winning performance for 15 years across functions, industries and organizations.

My passion for results goes beyond professional pursuits. I am a global facilitator and co-organizer of Startup Weekends and serve as an advocate and volunteer for many local charities including Food Bank of Central/Eastern NC, North Carolina International Affairs Council and Connected Women of North Carolina. Plus, I have served as the President for the Triangle Interactive Marketing Association,

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