My Year at the Top of TIMA – How to Balance Time and Still Make an Impact Serving on a Volunteer Board

You can’t do it all –

Oh gosh, how many times have I learned and re-learned that cruel lesson.  So as I begin my year of service as incoming President of the Triangle Interactive Marketing Association (TIMA), I think a critical step is to set obtainable goals and limits.

First some background – 

TIMA is the organization for digital media professionals in the North Carolina’s highly innovative, rapidly evolving Triangle region.  TIMA members are skilled, creative, cutting edge marketers and content producers: freelancers and entrepreneurs.   In short, TIMA speaks the future.

We are busy and that’s a good thing – but more often than not we are too busy and that is not such a good thing.  As with any “extra-curricular” activity members and board members do not have time to waste.

With that in mind here are my 3 (yes, just 3) goals for TIMA in 2014:

  1. Create consistent, relevant, repeatable events and modes of communication.  Volunteer boards like TIMA often recreate the wheel every year. This is not only a big time-drain for the board, but confusing to members.  As my legacy I want to put an infrastructure in place. By doing so I believe  that TIMA will be able to run smoothly from year to year – focusing on things that really matter.
  2. Link educational opportunities to local non profits.  During the year, I hope to create programs linking TIMA members educational outcomes with community non profits. Members will be able to build their resumes, expand their skills, and try new ideas.  All while giving back – non profits can reap the free benefits and get much-needed help and marketing advice.  It’s a big win-win for both.
  3. And I want to engage local business leaders and entrepreneurs with TIMA membership.  Again, it’s an exchange of ideas and experience, another highly relevant win-win.

We started the New Year with an open house.  Not just another party (marketing associations are good at those), but a community driven event.  TIMA attracted more than 40 new members, and several new volunteers.  We asked our members what they wanted out of us, how they’d like to see TIMA deliver value oover the next year.

So the stage is set.

In a few months I’ll check back with another post on how my volunteer year is progressing.

In the meantime, if you’d like – come be a part of TIMA.  We’ve planned some awesome things for 2014!  Be sure to check our website, follow us on Twitter, Like us on Facebook or hop in our Linkedin Group .  And don’t forget to check out our current February e-vent!  #TIMALove

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