My last project at Cisco in the press: Cisco Talent Connection made WSJ

Cisco Talent Connection in Wall Street Journal

So talk to anyone who tries to innovate, they will tell you, “It’s hard!”  Well sometimes innovation and a tough corporate fight gets rewarded.  That happened to me this week.  Before I left my corporate job at Cisco and started this company, I was a part of an incredible team that created and launched an innovative staffing project called Cisco Talent Connection, an internal recruiting platform that allowed Cisco to leverage internal talent for open positions.  Makes sense right…employees get to grow and develop, company loses less downtime training and acclimating a new employee to the company, products, culture, etc — not to mention saving millions in recruiting, on-boarding, support and attrition costs.

This week this heroic effort was acknowledged in one of the most credible news sources in the world, the Wall Street Journal.  Check it out….it comes with an incredible article headline: “An Inside Job: More Firms Opt to Recruit From Within”

I know what you are thinking…what is this marketing professional doing in Staffing?  I get that all the time these days.  But the opportunity was so interesting, my then manager  Sr Director of Staffing Innovation compiled a team of rockstars.  It was quite genius actually, she recruited people inside the company from different disciplines to bring her vision to life.  We had a few incredible staffing members, an analyst, a product project manager and a marketing/sales person – it was a true multi-displinary team.  It was frustrating at times, but fun and now totally worth it.

You can review more details of my role in my portfolio overview of the Cisco Talent Connection project here.

So to all you innovators out that…keep fighting the good fight.  It is worth it.


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