Marketing Problem and Solution: Lead Generation without Telemarketing

So one of the biggest tasks of any marketer is to produce leads for the sales team and the business.  It is the activity that truly keeps all marketers employed.

Marketing Problem: How can I produce leads without always resorting to Telemarketing?

Telemarketing is one of those old school tactics that works – at least for now- especially for B2B companies.  You negotiate usually on a lead guarantee. It is predictable. It costs a lot of money, but you know after you shell out the cash you can go back to the sales team and the leadership team and say…”I drove X leads for this value.”

But telemarketing is expensive and frankly inefficient. It is actually quite wasteful…almost disposable in a way.  You get a list, keep calling a list, get your 5 leads and then the list is no good for 30-45 days. I get why people do it.  It is easy to show 1:1 correlation.

Telemarketing isn’t your only solution these days.  There are a myriad of marketing tactics than can deliver leads – they may not be totally qualified, but over time, maybe be a gold mine of business.

Solution: Online Video Lead Generation 

Here is a thought…instead of spending the $5000+ on 5 leads from a telemarketing firm.  Consider using a simple lead generation campaign using video.

Here is how it would work:

  1. Create a 60-second video about your product – outlining problem, solution, key benefits.
  2. Put it on a branded landing page with an offer and lead capture form
  3. Drive traffic – email list, PPC, targeted display campaign, on your website…heck, you can even use it for your telemarketing team as a call to action.

This sort of solution offers lots of advantages:

  • It has a shelf life.
  • You can use the video in your next trades show, follow up to appointments and reap leads past the usual 30 days of telemarketing.
  • It is the solution that keeps on giving.

Check out this FREE ebook  from my partners at Magnet Video on how to use video in your marketing to drive leads and conversions.

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