Leap of Faith and 3 Secrets Revealed from SoSummit and Global Entrepreneurship Congress in Rio

Leap of Faith in Rio

Leap of Faith in Rio

Yeah, that’s me taking a real leap of faith as I hang glide over the Tijuca Forest and land on Ipanema beach in Rio de Janerio, Brazil last week.

What I learned is that a “leap of faith” is what every entrepreneur takes when they set off on starting their own company. Not sure if it is bravery or stupidity, but it is the only way to be in the game.

Here are 3 secrets revealed at the 2013  SoSummit (Start up Weekend Organizers Conference) and GEC (Global Entrepreneurship Congress)

  1. Everybody has an idea – Entrepreneurs take action on ideas —-Sounds pretty generic, but it was major validation for me.  Everyone has ideas…lots of them, some good and some bad.  But nothing matters unless you take action on ideas.  And then the secret to success is to execute like hell….even more action.  Action is a major key to success.
  2. Entrepreneurship can be lonely – BUT you are not alone.  Doing something different is always less popular than the norm, so it only stands to reason that starting a new business is in the minority.  It can be a very lonely place.  BUT you are not alone, there are not only others on the same journey, but enthusiasts and champions that have your back.  Remember that when you are running out of steam and think you can’t go on.
  3. Success for future start up growth lies on both sides – Entrepreneurs and Government. It’s easy to say we don’t need the slow, bureaucratic government, we will just do it.  Well, not so fast…building a supportive community and culture only succeeds if the infrastructure supports it. Take Brazil for example, there are lots of entrepreneurs on the beach selling everything you would want at the beach…a sarong,  a lunch pastry or a beer, but none of them are legal, because it takes at least a year to get a business license in Brazil and the government takes 50% of your earnings.  These are not incentives to support a hungry and brave culture of entrepreneurship   It take both entities to be successful and sustainable and from what I experienced at the GEC…we have a LONG way to go.  I believe it is a cause worth fighting for—offering people the freedom and joy to make their way. Now that is something we all can support.

So cheers to the brave, to those that support them and to a world where anything is possible.


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