Instead of Cold Calling, Try a Personal Email – 6 Tips to Writing an Intro Email that Works

 I keep saying the cold call is dead.  I am solutions oriented, so here is a transition plan for you.English: Experimental "No cold calling ar...

If you have wanted to give up that nasty cold calling habit but find yourself feeling confused, do not fret 2014 is the year.  I have your solution. According to a recent infograph from Marketo, email is the metric of choice.  Take a look at the statistics here:

Email Wanted Dead or Alive
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Now you have all the facts what to do with them?  Here are my 6 Steps to a Perfect Email “Cold Call” (with an example draft):

Hi Greg,

This is Melissa Kennedy, I decided to shoot you a quick note after (seeing/hearing/speaking to someone) about ___________ . When you get a minute, I would love the opportunity to go over __________(details of my solution) that may solve your issue. Let me know when you may have a quick 20 minutes to discuss. Here is a great resource that may help ______(insert a piece of collateral, e-book, infograph, blog, etc). I appreciate your time and look forward to hearing back from you.



K. Melissa Kennedy
President, Ester Mae Marketing
President, Triangle Interactive Marketing Association

To simply break it down for you:

  1. Use their first name – so familiarity and that you not isn’t canned
  2. Word choice matters — I used “decided” to show that I made a choice to reach out.
  3. Don’t be Vague — use specifics to show you have done your homework and you have something worthy of a conversation
  4. Tease what  you want to discuss — it shows the email is not canned, and shows relevant solutions that may help
  5. Offer them educational content — this gesture reinforces that you intention is to educate and help
  6. List your LinkedIn and Twitter addresses — it conveys that I am an open,  come and learn about me.  Plus, it offers other means to communicate with me

Notice that the message is short a — keep it simple.

What are some ways you use your inbox?

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