Increase Productivity and Stop Cyber Slacking with an Easy Trick

Time is finite. So in order to increase productivity, you have to put some structure in place and realize when you are cyber slacking.

While access to infinite information is amazing and can help with almost any task, it is easy to fall into the black hole of the Internet.  In addition to that hurdle, there is the natural procrastinator that dwells within that can impede productivity.

Recently, I found myself being distracted by RSS feeds of interesting blog posts, or tweets of the promise of all this new research, tips, tricks and more and naturally just kept clicking, reading and watching instead of actually doing work.  It happens.  We all try to avoid a task that may be necessary but not that exciting.

Increase productivity with a Timer

Here is an easy, effective tip to keep you on task:

I set my phone on a timer with an alarm for each task.

  • If I had to write a proposal, I gave myself 1 hour.
  • If I had to do follow up emails, I gave myself 30 minutes.
  • If I was going to do some online research or work.  I gave myself 45 minutes.
  • If I was going to update my LinkedIn profile or twitter account, I set a time for 25 minutes in the morning and evening.

Then once the alarm went off, I had to stop.  I evaluated my progress and made the decision to continue for another interval or put it aside and take on another task.

This little trick has made me exponentially more productive and kept me from cyber slacking when there was actually deliverables to be done.

So how do you stay productive and on task? Share your ideas below.


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