I-Rally of Epic Proportions: 3 Lessons from Online SOPA and PiPA Act Protest

If you still aren’t convinced the power of social media, the actions of the online community within this last week should prove it. I am one of the more than 8.6 million mentions of the Stop Online Piracy Act (SOPA) and Protect IP Act (PIPA) bill that was rattling around congress recently.  And according to ZDNet and General Sentiment, it’s online popularity out ranked most hot events from 2011, including Super Bowl, Oscars and American Idol Finale.

Almost all the online heavy hitters stood up, including Wikipedia who took a bold action by taking its site offline.

Wikipedia Protest

Wikipedia's Page When Accessed During the Black Out

Many social media rockstars like Seth Godin weighed in with a very compelling and, for him, longer-than-average post size on his blog: Learning leadership from Congress.  Granted for internet enthusiasts or users, this sort of regulation is near and dear to their hearts, so of course they rallied and used their posts, mentions, retweets, videos and other  i-communication to spread awareness and elicit action.

Watch for 3 lessons from the SOPA/PIPA online response:

What key take-aways did you learn from this incredibly effective i-rally? Share below.

PS: I found this really cool social media analytics tool out of the experience too.  Check it out: “Social Radar.”

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