How Mobile is Giving “Push” a Makeover that Will Make “Pull” Jealous?


Within the last decade “pull” marketing has been all the rage…getting your customers or prospects to come to you vs you always pushing on your messaging and information on them.

Let’s be fair – it is all about the mix.

“Push” has been taking a back seat forever. Mobile marketing is in the throws of changing all that. Well, more like reinventing “push” for a new era. You know what I am talking about…those little messages that show up on your smart phone’s home screen from your favorite mobile applications are called “push” messages. And they are the next big thing in engagement. Plus, new releases of Andriod are supposed to offer more “push” messaging options that will expand the playing field…”Push” is not just for Apple users anymore.

3 reasons how mobile applications are giving “Push” a makeover 

  1. Just like email, marketers can segment mobile applications’ users by behaivor.  “Push” messages can be used to offer certain users relevant offers based on activity
  2. Services are popping up to be able to monitor, schedule and analyze activity based on “push” messages – services like Urban Airship is to mobile “push” messages like icontact  or Constant Contact is for email.
  3. “Push” messages engage users to go back in your mobile application and actual “do” something

Users have to opt in, just like email.  “Push” messaging  is surely going to change they way everyone markets now and in the future.

Are you using “push” in your marketing mix? What do you think – is the new “push” going to make “pull” jealous?

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