Google’s New Inbox App, Apple Pay Opens for Business and More – My Top 5 Social Shares for the Week

Convenience. Everyone is searching for convenience. This is the prominent theme in my top social media shares this week.

If you what to make skimming email more convenient, Google has a new app. If you want making payments on your iPhone 6 more convenient, Apple has a new service.

Other topics of interest this week are: getting a higher salary, customer service, and how happiness is a competitive advantage.

Google’s New ‘Inbox’ App Actually Makes Email Fun Again

Email fun? Maybe back in the ’90s, but in 2014 email has become just one more thing to manage.

Google claims to make managing email fun with its new ‘Inbox’ app, meant to enhance, not replace Gmail. What makes this app different from the standard Gmail inbox is that it organizes and highlights message content, much in same way as a Facebook newsfeed.

Here’s an example from the Huffington Post article of what that looks like:

The article also includes Google’s promotional video.

The app is only available to a limited number of users by invite, but you can email Google (at to request access.

Are you excited or skeptical? I’m curious to hear what others think.

Apple Pay Opens for Business on Monday with iOS 8.1 Updates

Do you have the iPhone 6 or iPhone 6 Plus? If you do, making payments with your phone has just gotten easier.

Read more about Apple Pay, the new mobile payment service.

When the Customer is Wrong

With the conventional business philosophy being “The customer is always right,” the headline of this Huff Post Business article might come across as counter-intuitive. Once you read this article, however, you can see one obvious example of when the customer is wrong.

The customer is wrong when the customer’s disruptive behavior ruins other customers’ experiences. In the article’s example, an inebriated, loud, disruptive customer was kicked off a flight—for good reasons—by Southwest.

This is sensible advice about business and boundaries.

12 Tips for Getting The Salary You Want

“Ask for an odd number” is one of these 12 salary negotiation tips offered by pros from Business Insider.

Why Happiness is Sweeping the American Workplace

Happiness has almost become—dare I say— a trend lately. Happy is the name of both a hit song and a documentary dedicated to… happiness. And according to Forbes, happiness helps the bottom line.

Agree or disagree?

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