Email, Social Media Integration Surprise: Rite Aid Engages

Email and Social Media Integration from Rite Aid

You read the headline…I am talking about Rite Aid, the drug store and its recent excellent job in integrating email and social media to create demand during the holidays.

Yes, they got me with that “Wellness” Card and therefore acquired my email.  They do a pretty good job with the weekly email, which at first was just an e-flyer of the specials of the week.  And I must admit…I never thought I would “like” a drug store….but I think those smart marketers at Rite Aid made me consider it with their engagement strategy.

Recently, I came across a great implementation to entice and engage people from email to social with this week’s Rite Aid weekly coupon email.

First the email had a great tease factor…the “Psst, scroll to the right” bubble grabbed my attention and curiosity…I didn’t even read who the elf was and what the story was…I was looking for the coupons…and saw the bubble….so I scrolled.

"Psst" Bubble really grabbed my attention

Then, here is the brilliant integration part….there were some coupons and sales revealed in the email and some you had to go to Facebook to view and print.  Well, of course I was curious, tis the season of shopping and sales. So I clicked through to their Facebook.

Weekly coupons & specials with tease to visit Facebook page to find out more

BAM…not only printable coupons, but more engagement.

And here are the coupons teased in the email, ready to print and use

The coupons aren’t all that Rite Aid offers…they have these personality-type game and easy reasons to “share” Rite Aid….I like how they used the graphical display for the reasons to “share.”  Very cool.  One of those things all the experts tell you…”make it pretty.”

Games and more

Graphical display of reasons to "like" Rite Aid

What a great implementation of integrating email and social media.  It had intrigue, fun graphics, easy and fun ways to engage and share.  And like I said in the beginning…what a surprise–a drug store of all things.

Hats off to you Rite Aid…brillant marketing!

What do you think? Have you seen other implementations of email and social media integration? Share below.


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