Drip Marketing – 3 Things You Must have to Nurture Your Prospects

Nurture those prospects to buy

Drip marketing or nurturing is all the rage…and it should be.  Rarely is a prospect ready to buy once they first encounter your product or service. So in order to nurture them through the buying cycle, you need to offer them reasons and information to establish they have the problem and establish.

  1. Have a target customer profile and how your solution solves their problem.
  2. You need collateral to drip.  This includes whitepapers, ebooks, webinars, newsletters, free trials, etc.
  3. You need a lead nurturing software and process to help automate things.  There are big guys like Eloqua or Marketo or I just learned of a small but effective one the other day called Pardot.

That’s it.  Now the tough part is in the execution.  But these 3 steps will set you on your way to lead nurturing or drip marketing heaven.

Go ahead, try it.  Drip away.


  1. Nice post – short and sweet! For smaller business, my favorite drip-marketing tool is Infusionsoft.

    1. Thanks for the response, I will have to check it out.

  2. Love what you are saying. Add LeadFormix to what Richard suggests…has a real nice and simple to use Nurture engine.

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