Don’t Forget the Marketing – Biggest Mistake Marketers Make

It sounds silly – how on earth can a marketer forget “the marketing?” Forgetting to allocate budget and resource to promote your new assets is the biggest mistake marketers make.

This mistake only really happens when people…marketers or other professionals dive into something new.  The two most recent examples where I have seen this is in online video and mobile applications.

You just gotta get into video….

You just gotta get into mobile…

You have heard this before…either as an internal dialog or from someone in your company.  Yes, these are 2 amazing marketing opportunities, not just the latest craze. But they are only effective if people know about them.

I recently encountered someone that enthusiastically went out and created a demo video for her product.  She hired an amazing camera crew, editors, producers, etc.  The video was phenomenal…really great work.  But once the video company turned it over, the marketer said, “now, what do I do?” Logical answer – you promote it. The problem is that she didn’t allocate any budget or resources to do this…the most important part of creating an effective asset is driving people to it.

Same thing happened when a company created a hot, new mobile application.  They spent all their money on the development and didn’t plan for how to promote it.

2 thing to allocate for when you create a new asset

  1. Cash – budget for “drive-to” vehicles – ad placement, email, Pay-Per-Click, etc
  2. Resource – either copywriters, designers, web developers–you need them all if you are going to integrate the new asset and promote it.

Next time you want to engage in these activities or create some awesome assets to drive business.  Please don’t forget to allocate for the marketing of those awesome assets.  You know that philosophical cliche –“if a tree falls in the woods and no one is around to hear it, does it make a sound? ” In marketing…the answer is emphatically  – NO.


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  1. Great pearls of pragmatic and useful wisdom to assure good content gets noticed and delivers the intended value — just what you are so good at delivering, Melissa!

    1. Thanks Kathryn. It is a simple concept…I hope it helps for all.

  2. Tree in the woods reference is spot on! Great post, M.

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