Digital Loyalty and Affiliate Marketing Combined? A win-win combo

How to combine digital loyalty and affiliate marketing?

Digital Fan key to digital loyalty

As tracking tools get smarter and the proliferation of couponing makes the digital marketing space primed for combining two great marketing strategies….What if you could actually pay people for being social advocates like affiliates.  I am not talking fake fans…I am talking about combining digital loyalty and sharing with affiliate marketing tactics where fans, customers, etc would help you spread your message and get credit or incentives for helping the cause.

All the social media trends talk about mobile, LBS (Location Based Services), NFC (Next Field Communications) as well as social sharing going main stream. Which allows people to take action immediately.  So what a great business strategy to reward your digital word of mouth fans with “credit,” better yet integrate mobile and trigger more buying.

Here is how I would set up this digital loyalty and affiliate marketing strategy:

Combine affilate marketing with digital loyalty

1)Integrate social into your CRM system, where you can match customers and their social profiles. This serves as your tracking database.  There are lots of tools out there depending on your system and price points.

2)Decide on a reward and the pay out for an action.  Either credit, points system, coupon or cash. Like” on Facebook = x, or a tweet, retweet, or LinkedIn status update =y.”

3)Set up your tracking. You will need a registration form to sign up fans (which will help build your social list for future marketing). Then set up the tracking in your CRM system.  If you are already monitoring and responding, this is just one more step by adding the credit system and linking it to a user interface so people can tack their rewards.

4)Create a simple user interface where people can check on their credits and redeem them…kind of like the airline miles or rewards program. Better yet, if you have a rewards program in place, just add this own. This is also the place where you can have all your legal jargon, how it works and any other social collateral, i.e. latest tweet to amplify, etc.

5)Market your new digital loyalty affiliate marketing program.  This also offers you a way to gather a social list to add to your CRM system. Plus, it is a an innovative hook to peak the interest of new prospects.


If you create a credit or coupon reward system this sort of action helps generate leads and future sales. Plus, it helps you scale your own social marketing efforts with less time and resources.  Plus, it gives customers and prospects incentives to not only promote your brand, product or services, but increase their own “Klout” score. It is a win win for everyone.


The biggest challenge will be in settling up policy and process.  But that is just a minor logistics problem.  Plus, you will have to invest in some tools or system development. That could be incremental if you have a social CRM component already in place. The concept would work.

So consider creating a digital loyalty program that pays…a great value-add for digital advocates, a lead generating tool and an innovative marketing tactic that delivers over and over.

Have you created a digital loyalty program? Do you have an affiliate marketing program? Have you tried combing? What are your results?

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