Confession: I am a reformed Twitter hater, but value there is–what and how to use


Here is why I hate it…it is this stream of consciousness..the contact stream of information.  Some things are great nuggets, some thing are random crap and some things just repeat over and over.  If feels like a swarm of gnats–buzz buzz in your ear–except this is a buzz, buzz of your eyes.  It is distracting and sometimes disabling. Sometimes I think to myself, I don’t get it…


It has value.  If you have any of these common reactions to Twitter…read me out. You may become, like me, a reformed, twitter hater…and learn to like, maybe not love, and leverage this media.

Here are four ways it can provide value in business and beyond:

1)Excellent broadcast medium — while it may feel like it goes out into the great internet beyond…your followers and their followers, etc. It is kind of like a new school bulletin board to update people on events, posts, videos, opportunities and more.

2)Research heaven — some of the best research and articles come from my tweet feeds, links, hot news and more in short blasts of information Find this from people you follow or check out what is hot, by following trending of #hashtags @ or Twemes (twitter themes) @

3)Real-time customer service —  what a way to set the record straight or solve a customer experience gone awry…instant way to track, react and support your customer experience

4)The ultimate virtual networking event — Twitter is the most “stranger-friendly” social network.  You know when you go into a real-life networking event and sometimes you know no one…and you are always looking for the “lone wolf” to strike up a conversation…well twitter is the most receptive to a stranger reaching out.  Remember when introducing yourself…don’t forget to provide some value—a question, a link of interests, etc, along with your @messages.

So give it a chance. It has lots of value. Use it on your terms. Try something new once a week, if you like it, fold it into your tweet practice, if not..leave it out.  Don’t hate it…make it work for you.  I am reformed, are you?


  1. Questions # 1) Must I tweet? Must I feel like a dino if I don’t tweet? (I know that’s two questions, but…. )There are only so many hours in the day, so many words in my brain. . Let’s say i really feel maxed out timewise just keeping up with my blog and a half ( and and two email accounts. If I kill my compute, r will the guilt go away?

    Besides, if we’re all tweeting, who will write (or read) the next great American novel?

    Question #2) How wired do I have to be if I would rather be sewing, designing, writing , gardening and grooving on Turner Classic Movies. Yes, I’m a throw back. So can you give me a minimal plan? I don’t want to ignore social media….that would be foolish. But I don’t want it to take over my waking life. Thoughs?

    If you sold passes to being wired free for (X) hours, I would buy one. Am I alone?

    1. Q1: I don’t think you have to tweet. I think you have to think of your audience and your ability to maintain and use your resources appropriately. Social media is the most laborious medium of all marketing. I think you have to figure out how to make social work for you, your life, your business, your time. And if you just want to broadcast through twitter instead of meeting people, etc, you can always use wordpress or other programs to send links out, etc of your posts all in one shot. Then it allows you to really scale. You also can set up searches for twitter using tweet deck, and review them once a week and respond. It doesn’t have to be instant.

      Q2: Actually major companies, brands pay for people to tweet for them. I am sure celebrities have their publicist tweet for them. I know a lot of people that make a killing out of tweeting for others, because like you they have other stuff do, either run a company, or have their own lives to live. If you think about it, it is worth it for them to pay someone to do it on their behalf, say if they are a $500,000+ per year CEO, their minute rate, would be a horrible ROI for just tweeting. I am a bit conflicted on this practice, in that social is supposed to be authentic and genuine….it is kind of like having a body double going to major events in your place….but if someone is tweeting on behalf of a brand, that works…a brand is made of the people in the company, who create the product, who sell the product, who service the product….

      The question is what would you pay for that pass? A monthly subscription fee? What would you want in return? Would it be just to be in the space? Acquire followers? Produce so many leads?
      More FREE advice:
      Try tweet deck
      Follow 30 people
      Schedule time to review in one setting(bundle for max efficiency and less distraction) and respond, build followers, etc

      Then, like I said in the post, if it doesn’t work after a month or 2. Ditch it and concentrate your efforts on something else.


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