Comcast Owns a Theme Park Business, the Truth About Steve Jobs, and More – My Top 5 Social Shares of the Week

This week’s top social shares are mostly about technology, the business of technology, and what technology can do for business. But first, let’s learn who owns the nation’s second largest theme park—after Disney.

Just a Reminder That Comcast Also Owns a Huge Theme Park Business

BuzzFeed News wants to remind us that the country’s largest cable provider also owns Universal-branded theme parks.

The BuzzFeed News piece opens with a pop quiz: Which company operates the second largest theme park in the U.S.?

If you guessed Sea World or Six Flags you would be wrong.

The answer is Comcast.

Comcast is so big, that its theme park business is one of the company’s smallest units, but Comcast has been investing heavily into the parks, adding new attractions such as “The Wizarding World of Harry Potter” and “Despicable Me”. The unit is performing strongly, increasing revenue by 13% so far this year.

Former Apple CEO John Sculley: We Need to Embrace Failure as a Way to Learn

Business Insider did a Q&A with the former Apple CEO. The first discussion topic was Steve Jobs. Sculley was best known for firing Steve Jobs in the ’80s, but Sculley says that is a myth. Read his take.

Use Hadoop to Create Value, Not Push Reduction on Investment

Hadoop, Apache’s open-source big data platform, is ready for business. This SiliconANGLE article points out the challenges and potential of this technology.

And for more information about Hadoop, check out this InformationWeek post:

Hadoop ‘No Longer Optional,’ Says Forrester

This is the first of Forrester Research’s eight predictions for 2015.

Leadspace: Getting B2B Leads with More ‘Rich’ Attributes

As entrepreneurs know, finding good leads is difficult. Bill Robinson talks about Leadspace in the HuffPost Tech. Leadspace is a technology that not only makes finding leads easier, but helps businesses understand their ideal customer better.


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