Can You Succeed Being Earnest & Positive and Tenacious – and Win!?!

Digging a little deeper into my post from last week, I wanted to highlight two extremely positive, earnest and tenacious entrepreneurs.

An inspired gal.

Kelsey Ramsden Founder of 4 companies and one of Canada’s leading female entrepreneur and recently shared her 8 Simple Tips for Entrepreneurs with Forbes.  The southern in me  instantly connected to her when she referred to herself as a gal in her bio!  Kelsey has survived ovarian cancer, managed to keep up a positive attitude and flourish and all in a short time.  I admire earnest people and to me her sincerity is infectious.

By sharing her personal story she manages to blur lines very effectively.  While vastly successful she manages to stay humble, seek advice from her peers and empower others to “live an inspired life.”

What’s in a nametag?

Meet Scott Ginsberg!  Author of thirteen self published books, creative writer with an ever so positive attitude.  An extremely tenacious self-motivated entrepreneur that proclaims everyone should wear a nametag.  He wrote a manifesto about why–worth a read.

Days this guy has worn his nametag? 4,848 and counting!

Scott’s philosophy? Empower people to become what they never thought they could be.  I can relate, this is one of the reasons I decided to become the President of TIMA this year.

P.S. He is a writing machine you should check out his early morning writing process.

To answer the question –

Can you succeed being earnest, positive and tenacious?  Here are just two examples.

Who are some of your colleagues that inspire you?

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