American Airlines Post Bankruptcy Response: Thumbs Up

There is a flurry of activity around the announcement for American Airlines filing for Chapter 11 bankruptcy, but as a customer who interacted with them personally through this crisis, I have to give the company a thumbs up.

I give American Airlines a "Thumbs Up" Post Bankruptcy Announcement

Here are 5 things I think American Airlines did right — On and Offline:

  1. Email: AA sent out an email explaining its decision to its loyal American Advantage Rewards members.  I received mine before I saw it in the news or twitter.
  2. Web Banner: They put a top banner on their homepage assuring customers that business as usual, flights would not be interrupted and rewards miles would not be touched.
  3. Phone Customer Service: I actually had to call and change my flight on the same day they filed. I was expecting an exorbitant wait time…nope 1 minute and I was talking to an agent who was calm and helpful. She immediately made the change, assured me my future miles were safe and thanked me for being a loyal customer.
  4. Facebook Video: The video on Facebook, while very corporate, did offer a good chance to reassure customers and others of what, why and how the decision will positively change the future of the company.  They received a 163 likes, 134 shares and 126 comments–very mixed in nature, but overall showing support for the company.
  5. Twitter Response: I think they did a fairly good job in the Twitterverse…trying to respond to loyal customers,correcting misinformation and staying away from the emotionally charged, immature comments.

I am proud of the way American Airlines handled this crisis.  I think they coordinated traditional and new media communication methods to consistently send the message that business as usual, flights and rewards are secure, and forward looking statement around a “come back” and thank you for the loyalty of their customers.

What do you think? How would you rate American Airlines handling of its Chapter 11 bankruptcy protection?

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