5 Steps to Marketing your New Mobile Application

So you have a mobile application ready to launch.  Now what?

Here are 5 steps to marketing your new mobile application:

  1. Integrate, Integrate, Integrate.  You already have various communication and marketing activities before you acquired this “handy dandy” mobile application.  Add  launch materials into your newsletters, website, invoices, social media. Don’t forget to put a plan in place to continue offering content and information in a trickle fashion over time.
  2. Public Relations — not just old school, but new school too.  You should be following reporters or influencers in your industry way before you want to pitch them. Offer to write a guest blog post for key influencers…it doesn’t have to be a formal reporter-type placement.  These days there are tons of “W”s in this category.
  3. Seek new users through targeted mobile advertising.  I don’t normally jump to the advertising tactic, but this one…really makes sense to me.  You are looking for mobile savvy people to download and use your application…targeting people who have and use mobile applications is a no brainer…and maybe a new avenue for you to acquire users or customers you normally haven’t reached.  Try it out…check out admob or other ppc type mobile advertising networks to dip your toe a little.
  4. Set some goals.  Yep….goals with a capital G.  There is nothing that an deflate momentum other than uncertainty in progress.  Not having a goals to measure against (I would argue regardless of how accurate they are at first), can really bum out everyone.  Set some goals, check your progress and adjust accordingly.
  5. Offer an incentive or promotion.  Just like any effort to change behavior, you have to reward it.

Happy Mobile Marketing!


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