3 Top 2013 Trends to Watch for in the Future

Crystal Ball

I will throw my predictions into the hat….

3 Trends to Watch for in 2013

  • Second screen revolution – the tablet and mobile device will be the jelly to the TV peanut butter….one will not be without the other.  Marketers will need to figure out how to connect those virtual dots without a solid tech “connection.”
  • Big Data gets analyzed – Did you know that something like 98% of data collected is never looked at? All this talk about big data is exhausting, especially if no one looks at it and translates it into action.  This will be the year that companies will invest in some analytics help, so they can start taking advantage of all that information.
  • Attribution gets smart -Who gets credit for what? The question every professional yearns to answer- especially among various marketing departments: Was it brand? Was it lead generation? Was it sales enablement? — that closed the deal. And then there is the tactical level–email vs search vs social vs….and what combination worked the best? and how does that translate to budget allocation? This is the year where companies start to throw out formulas and seriously help solve the “credit” attribution problem and create better predictive models. Be careful though–all rules (and formulas) are meant to be broken.

Let’s see how this plays out.  What are your predictions?

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