2014 Crystal Ball View: My Commentary on Social Media Examiner’s 2014 Predictions

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Social Media Examiner Rocks — I couldn’t dismiss their predictions (their original list: 11 -social media 2014 predictions ), so I thought I would simplify and give some color commentary on 5 of theirs…

#1: The Resurgence of Advertorial

#1: (#2) Employee Advocacy

Employees and their social networks should work for you. In an era where bad news spreads faster than fire, empower and engage your employees often. This trend dove tails into the Social selling revolution, which is outlined in my posts New Selling Strategy Series.

#3: Facebook Forces a Strategic Refocus 

#4: Social Networks Develop A/B Testing Tools for Brands’ Organic Updates

#5: Pay to Play

#6: Fusion Marketing and Fusion Dashboards

#2: (#7) Social Storytelling Will Shift

Here is the thing-

if you want your customers to understand you, buy your service, use your product

then you have to speak THEIR LANGUAGE!

This is how you avoid a price war.

#8: The Age of Advocacy

#9: Paid Social Becomes a Requirement for Social Media Marketers

#3: (#10) Brand-Owned Network List-Building Matures

Ownership of your contacts is crucial as our professional and personal networks expand.  The importance of having your contacts readily available is critical to your success.  What is the point of fostering social relationships if you cannot leverage your investment?

#4: (#11) Interactive Video Becomes Viable

Video has proven its value, but adding interactivity on the transactional level has infinite upside..  As Mark Schaefer  noted, television has not changed since 1950.  I agree that we are at the verge of an innovation explosion and I can’t wait to see all the possibilities.

#5: (#1, 3-6, 8, 9) Energizing a Community Around Your Brand

Big bottom line for the future of business lies in this prediction — Treat your customers like they are your community.  Building community starts with engagement.  As the 2014 Triangle Interactive Marketing Association (TIMA) President, one of my biggest goals is to lead the organization to provide the best value, networking and learning opportunities in the local interactive and digital marketing space through engaging its members to help shape and create their experience.  More details on progress on that front throughout the year.

And while I’m at it,if you are local to the Triangle, NC, please come to the FREE TIMA kick off event, see what I am talking about and let your voice be heard.  It’s a party – more the merrier…you don’t have to be a member to attend our high- energy Marketing in Motion Kick off event – where the community continues to thrive.

Check out the details and register here and bring a friend!


About the author

Melissa Kennedy

I am an innovative, practical problem-solver with an MBA. Pioneered one of the first social media strategic plans for a Fortune 100 company, including monthly online TV program viewed by 120,000 customers. Created a scalable channel marketing service model and established a new customer communication channel through partner web syndication. Developed marketing plan for start-up technology firm. Launched first comprehensive marketing campaign for major science and technology university's $1 Billion fund-raising effort. Award-winning performance for 15 years across functions, industries and organizations.

My passion for results goes beyond professional pursuits. I am a global facilitator and co-organizer of Startup Weekends and serve as an advocate and volunteer for many local charities including Food Bank of Central/Eastern NC, North Carolina International Affairs Council and Connected Women of North Carolina. Plus, I have served as the President for the Triangle Interactive Marketing Association,

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