10 Minutes a Day to Social Media Success

10 Minutes a Day to Social Media Success–Yeah, it can happen.

And it can start in your email inbox. I have been failing my own advice for 2 years now and feeling guilty.  I had tried every tool imaginable, but I just couldn’t get a rhythm.  I felt like I was always bumbling around or chasing. Ironic since I help companies with their innovative marketing and social media presence.  I found, personally, it was hard to keep up and be active every day, consistently. Plus, many of my clients were struggling with his/her personal profiles, not as marketers.  Finding the time and process that works in your daily routine is a big challenge everyone faces.

Here is my secret.

8 Steps to Implement K. Melissa Kennedy’s 10 Minutes a Day to Social Media Success

  1. Block off 10 minutes on your  calendar
  2. Add the Google Chrome Extension – Buffer  (It does all the “dripping” for you, updating your profiles throughout the day. Plus, it is in the browser so you don’t have to open another application.)
  3. Create a rule in your inbox to put all newsletters and google alerts in one folder
  4. Set a timer for 10 minutes
  5. Check your folder, read and “buffer” relevant content – Always read/watch the content before sharing, add your personal flair or commentary when sharing
  6. Review your social sites to see what your network is doing and skim to see if you want to engage (like, comment, share)
  7. Timer goes off
  8. Stop

It has been working like a dream.  I have had more engagement on my posts than ever before.  I have been consistently more active. Plus it is continuing to build my personal online brand.  Sometimes if I have time at night, I add in another 10 minutes and follow the same steps, but if I don’t, I catch up in the morning during my 10 minute social media appointment. I hope the secret helps.  Just 10 minutes, an inbox folder, timer and a web browser extension and you can manage it.

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