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Commentary, tips and tricks using social media

Focus – The Future Crown Jewel of All Skills

With business models flipped up-side-down, is “focus” the key skill set to success?

10 Minutes a Day to Social Media Success

Find out 8 Steps to Implement 10 Minutes a Day to Social Media Success.

I-Rally of Epic Proportions: 3 Lessons from Online SOPA and PiPA Act Protest

Wikipedia Protest

I-Rally of Epic Proportions: Learn 3 Lessons from Online SOPA and PiPA Act Protest. What a great example of the power of social media.

What to do when your boss says do that Facebook thing? Video Included

Here are 3 steps to take when your boss comes to you and says “do that Facebook thing.”

Email, Social Media Integration Surprise: Rite Aid Engages

Here is a great example of email and social media integration for demand generation. Rite Aid excels and engages. Find out how they did it.

Don’t Panic – Manage info overload with a few personal boundaries!

Learn how to manage the 24-hour, infinite online info cycle with a few personal boundaries to help you sustain and succeed.

The King and Queen of Marketing – Audience & Content Rule!

Before you glam it up, define your audience and content to drive success. Ignoring the King and Queen of marketing will end in disaster…Rule with some simple steps upfront!

Web, Video & Social: Cisco Interaction Network

Harness the power of web, video and social to engage and nurture customers and prospects. » Situation: New online technology TV program with no consistent social or online brand, limited SEO functionality and no sustainability plan to feed content or interactivity. » Action: Create a website optimized for search engines, (for online video that’s no …

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Biggest Social Media Misconception: Nothing is FREE

Many people in marketing or not, assume getting involved with social media as a marketing tool is a no brainer, because it is FREE. Well, I am here to tell you that is NOT true.

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