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2014 Crystal Ball View: My Commentary on Social Media Examiner’s 2014 Predictions

Learn 5 Essential 2014 Social Media Predictions – with my color commentary and abridged version of the Social Media Examiner’s 2014 Trend Predictions.

Interactive Marketing Going Mainstream? Trends from the Annual IMA National Conference 2013

The Interactive Marketing Association (IMA) held their national conference last week and I had the opportunity to travel to beautiful San Francisco.  You are probably saying “duh” seeing as I am the Vice President for the  Triangle Interactive Marketing Association (TIMA) but for what it’s worth I felt very proud to represent the Triangle area. Now …

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Next Gen Demand Generation: Tips for Online Video for Channel Marketers

online video

Check out my recent guest blog post for Channel Maven Consulting on online video demand generation. Learn how to drive more leads through video.

Don’t Forget the Marketing – Biggest Mistake Marketers Make

Find out the 2 most important things to do when you create a new asset to drive business.

Marketing Problem and Solution: Lead Generation without Telemarketing

Lead generation is fundamental to a marketers’ role and you don’t have to resort to telemarketing anymore. Find out how you can generate leads with online video.

Compelling Video That Converts

Everyone is watching video. Consumers watched more than 873 minutes of video clips in December. Over  3 billion views per day on Youtube Video will make up 75% of Internet traffic by 2013. Why is video so appealing and important? It’s simple. It’s dynamic. It works. Who wins video vs static text and graphics? Video. …

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Online Video Marketing: Top 10 Secrets Revealed – @magnetvideo @atlanticbt Internet Marketing Meet Up

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Online Video Marketing: Find out top 10 Secrets Revealed and my key takeaways from an Internet Marketing Presentation.

New Year, New Challenge: Try Video in Your Marketing

New Year, New Challenge – Try adding video to your marketing mix this year. Here are three easy video marketing ideas to get you started.

Web, Video & Social: Cisco Interaction Network

Harness the power of web, video and social to engage and nurture customers and prospects. » Situation: New online technology TV program with no consistent social or online brand, limited SEO functionality and no sustainability plan to feed content or interactivity. » Action: Create a website optimized for search engines, (for online video that’s no …

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