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Is your profile full of gibberish? An alphabet soup of sorts? See how you may be alienating your next customer or influencer with a few simple letters.

Profile Pictures That Will Make You Laugh & Lose Business

You have 2.5 seconds to make a first impression online. That’s the time a Formula 1 car’s pit crew aims for a stop. The last couple posts have been informative, but a little wordy.  Lets have some fun for a change and go through some profile pictures that will make your customers run away.  FAST.   …

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Your B2B Social Profile – Are You Trustworthy Enough?

Do you have an online social presence? Is it trustworthy? Six steps to building a trustworthy profile that helps you engage customers and start social selling…I mean social solving.

Focus – The Future Crown Jewel of All Skills

With business models flipped up-side-down, is “focus” the key skill set to success?

10 Minutes a Day to Social Media Success

Find out 8 Steps to Implement 10 Minutes a Day to Social Media Success.

Networking Online – Connecting On and Offline: 3 Success Snippets

Networking online–when online and offline connects. Three stories of successful networking online that connects. How it works and results.

Don’t Panic – Manage info overload with a few personal boundaries!

Learn how to manage the 24-hour, infinite online info cycle with a few personal boundaries to help you sustain and succeed.

The King and Queen of Marketing – Audience & Content Rule!

Before you glam it up, define your audience and content to drive success. Ignoring the King and Queen of marketing will end in disaster…Rule with some simple steps upfront!

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