Taking Innovation to the Next Level: Ester Mae Marketing Pivots to 48 Innovate

We at Ester Mae Marketing pride ourselves on bringing innovative strateties and execution to our clients. We have a track record from Cisco to Capital Broadcasting and beyond. We have been able to help our clients connect with their customers and exponentially grow through smart marketing moves with an innovative twist.


Since we help both startups and enterprise companies, we have been able to cross pollinate best practices and proven execution.

We are going beyond the marketing and sales suite and introducing a proven enterprise-class innovation process called 48 Innovate from Ester Mae Marketing.


We have figured out how to create a way to activate Innovation for everyday use. It starts with an intensive, outcome-focused experience followed by accountability sessions and 60 daily mini-innovation challenges to strengthen that creative muscle.

48 Innovate helps infuse the nimble entrepreneurial spirit into big business. We take some of the proven lean startup methodologies and adapt them to the enterprise. No laser light shows or celebrity guest appearances, just smart people (company’s employees), a focused challenge and action.

The concept is simple – Idea to executive-approved plan in hours instead of months — Smart Speed. My iFlow methodology includes -Pitches, Voting, Team Up, Create & Present all in 48 hours — think Shark Tank that delivers. Followed up by a quick start project plan of the winning presentation and a 30, 60, 90-day check in for accountability. Plus a bonus — 60 daily, mini innovation challenges to help create a sustainable innovation culture.


The results so far are overwhelming from 48 Innovate:

  • More than $200M in actionable projects have resulted from companies like Cisco, Arby’s, and Lancope
  • Survey results average 4.9 out of 5 from participants, executive coaches and judges
  • Short circuiting the business as usual process from weeks to 48 hours

Here is a sample of all the action: 48 Innovate: Lancope

We are so excited about this next chapter in our business. From routers to roast beef, 48 Innovate works! If you think your company could benefit from this proven, enterprise-class innovation system. Learn more or share on! @48Innovate.com | 48innovate.com

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